There are 7 horses currently in the Horsefeathers program, all but two (which belong to the founding family) have been donated. When Horsefeathers accepts a horse, we take responsibility to care for it for life. All of the horses are at liberty in the pasture when they’re not working and are never stalled unless they’re being fed or waiting for a class. Our horses are an integral part to the operation of Horsefeathers, without them we could not help the students that come through our gates.



Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Quarter Horse

Aspen is the best lead class horse ever! We use her for back riding classes as well as lead classes. She can tell time – when 30 minutes have passed in the arena, she tries to stop in the center to let us know class time is up.



Gender: Mare
Color: Lineback Dun
Breed: Quarter Horse

Sundance is leased to us from Carl Hall (founder) and she was born on the property before Horsefeathers existed. She’s a great confidence builder in that she’s low to the ground (13.2 hands) and very round which gives a great base to sit on. She loves apples and carrots but her favorite thing is baths and will even spray herself with the hose if she can get a hold of it.


Lancelot (AKA Dr. Wizard)

Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Breed: Thoroughbred

Lancelot is schooled in dressage and a great teacher to his students. He is our gentle giant since he’s over 16 hands tall. He loves sugar cubes and belly scratches.



Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Breed: Peruvian Paso

Isaiah is leased to us from Carl Hall (founder) and is still in training to become a therapy horse. He has a very narrow build, is short (13.2 hands) and his movement is smooth with quick action.



Gender: Mare
Color: Gray
Breed: Arabian

Zeevah is very willing and gentle. She can do either lead classes or independent classes. She’s dainty but tough and is the newest addition to our herd.

peggy sue_web

Peggy Sue

Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Breed: Quarter Horse/Morgan/Clydesdale cross

Peggy Sue was born here at Horsefeathers. She is in training to become a therapy horse and should be ready for classes this year. She’s very playful and very animated in her actions.



Gender: Gelding
Color: Sorrel
Breed: Mini Paint

Skeeter came to us after being rescued from being put down due to a really bad case of founder. He’s a great horse who surprised us all with his cheery little antics once his feet were fixed. He can only carry 70 pounds max (rider & tack) due to his size.